How to wear it? **

The menstrual cup is a small object. It is composed of a container, on which there are circles in relief which help catch the cup to take it out of the vagina. The stem is there to balance the cup inside the vagina (do not cut or pull on it).

It holds easily in the hand.

It is round. And flexible.

To insert it, you just need to squeeze it.

Flatten it.

And fold it.

The cup has holes near the edge which create an air suction when you insert it, so that it gets its round shape back. This way, the menstrual cup eases its way into the vagina very smoothly.

Quite simple!

If you are having trouble inserting it, don’t hesitate to use a perfume-free, water-based lubricant.

**There are other methods to insert a menstrual cup. Feel free to write to us if you’re not successful with this one!