What is a menstrual cup ?

The menstrual cup is a vegetable and/or medical silicone container with round edges that collects menstrual fluid. It is a flexible object that fits into the vagina and can be worn for several hours without feeling any discomfort: a menstrual cup can contain a large amount of fluid (between 10 and 30 ml depending on brand and size). The object does not absorb the fluid but collects it, so it must be emptied in a toilet (or in the shower). There are usually two sizes available, one intended for people who have had children and one for people who haven’t.

It’s practical and good for your health !

You can wear your menstrual cup for several hours without feeling any discomfort because it can contain more fluid than any “super-absorbent” tampon. The menstrual cup does not contain any chemical product or perfume; it avoids vaginal dryness and, most importantly, the toxic choc syndrome caused by some toxins which can be found in tampons. It is important to remember to boil the menstrual cup between every cycle (5 to 10 minutes) to sterilize it.

It’s good for the environment and good for the wallet!

The cup doesn’t produce any waste and can be kept for several years because it is reusable! Unlike tampons, the menstrual cup is made from a neutral material, respectful of the environment and the bodies that use it.

Where can I buy one?

You can buy a menstrual cup at any drugstore, in organic shops or on the internet! The average price is 30 euros.