Carlos, 29 years old, ambassador in Leipzig – Germany

My name is Charlotte, I’m 29 and I live in Germany since 3 years now. DIY master in becoming, (maybe) future carpenter I am also a supporter of the Zero Waste and Minimalist movements. Convinced environmentalist, I also started gardening since a couple of months.


How did you hear about Clean Your Cup?

I heard about Clean Your Cup cause I know personally its founder Fanny. When she told me about the project I was thrilled and directly offered her my help, and of course to become an ambassador!

What did motivate you to join the team?

I use myself a menstrual cup and it happened to me pretty often that I ended up in a situation where I could rinse my cup because I wasn’t home and had no other possibility. That’s why I loved the concept straight ahead! It doesn’t only give me the cup safe places around me, but it also creates a community. It’s a good tool to start a conversation about period to finally break the taboo around it. I could even convince a couple of friends of mine to try the cup 🙂

Do you use a cup yourself? If yes, since when and how did you hear about it?

I wear a cup since 2 years now and after a bit of an adaptation period (2 to 3 cycles) I’m really happy about it. Actually Fanny told me the first about it and after a few researches online I decided to give it a try. If I can give a piece of advice it would be: don’t give up if you don’t succeed the first time. It’s really worth to keep trying!

Do you find a lot of cup safe places?

Where I live – Leipzig in Germany – I don’t find so many cup safe places. I was for instance really disappointed to see that my university isn’t cup safe (the disable toilets can only be accessed to with a key). But thanks to Clean You Cup I became much more attentive than I was. I didn’t use to pay attention but now I always keep my cup safes places in mind. For Clean Your Cup of course, but also for myself! For example, public places such as administrations, libraries, museum etc. often offer a WC for disable people, and with it, a possibility for all cup users to rinse their cup with the utmost secrecy 🙂