Céline, 23 years old, ambassador in Le Havre – France

Hi ! My name is Céline and i’m coming from Le Havre. I love reading, travelling, Harry Potter and afternoons at the beach 🙂 I’m finishing my master degree in a business school and also work in an industrial company !


How did you hear about Clean Your Cup for the first time ? What do you think about the concept ?

I know Clean Your Cup thanks to the article on Madmoizelle. As a menstrual cup user, I immediately hooked with the idea and said to myself “we should already think about it, it’s so great!”.

What did motivate you to join the team?

I feel very close to the feminist/feminin fight and gender equality. I’m a HeforShe member so for me, participate in a project that wants things change to remove the period’s taboo excited me. Moreover, I thought it could be cool for my city to be referenced on the website 🙂

taboo around it. I could even convince a couple of friends of mine to try the cup J

Do you use a cup yourself? If yes, since when and how did you hear about it?

Yes I use a menstrual cup for 2 years. I knew it through friends : first time I heard about it, it seems to be like something belonging to the future ! I made research and I discover Dans ma culotte, a french brand from Normandie. I said to myself “why not?” and I don’t regret anything !

Do you identify many cupsafe places in your city ? What do you think about that ?

For the moment, I identify 3 spots but I’m not in town so much because of my study. I sometimes go to the restaurant but they aren’t cupsafe… But don’t worry, I’m on the job 😉

Did you talk about the project to friends, family or cupsafe place’s owner ? What was their reactions ?

Of course ! My friends and family (men and women) love the concept ! I also talk with restaurant’s owner who were very open-minded to have the official title and participate to the movement 🙂 Let’s remove the taboo and talk about menstruation !