Charlotte, 22 years, ambassador in Gentilly (suburb of Paris) – France

Student in Intercultural management, I’m passionated by environnemental issues, alternative way of living/consuming (like fairtrade) and in everyday actions to make the world a better place !

How did you hear about Clean Your Cup?

I heard about the project thanks to Madmoizelle ans I believed in it right away : first of all, I think it’s very important to talk about that ecological periodic system and to stop all the taboos about periods also !

What did motivate you to join the team?

The simplicity of the concept and the movement it represents. It’s so easy to participate that I offered to help 🙂

Do you use a cup yourself? If yes, since when and how did you hear about it?

Yes, for the beginning of 2017. A friend told me about it and convinced me. I adopted it quicky.

Do you find a lot of cup safe places?

Not really… Often, bars and restaurants have their sink outside the toilet. But now I am a CYC’s ambassador, I’m very happy to share tips and cupsafe address !

Did you talk about the project to friends, family or cupsafe place’s owner ? What was their reactions ?

I talked about the movement to my loved ones and a lot of them were receptive and curious !