Julie, 27 years old, ambassador in Issy-les-Moulineaux (suburb of Paris) – Ile-de-France

Hello everybody ! I’m Julie, vegan who love good food and music. I also love my work : I’m a dental assistant.

How did you hear about Clean Your Cup?

A friend told me about it. And I instanly thought it was a great idea because I’m often in need of cupsafe toilets !

What did motivate you to join the team?

I’m a cup addict since the first time I wear it. It helps me to be more self confident when I’m on period. But unfortunately, it’s not so easy to rinse it when I go out…

Do you use a cup yourself? If yes, since when and how did you hear about it?

Yes for 3 years now ! I read articles on feminist and organic zines. I tried it right away and loved it instanly ! Like a love at first sight 🙂

Do you find a lot of cup safe places?

Yes ! In paris, I often found cupsafe toilets but we need more and more !