Photo credit Olivier Denis

Katia Queendom, 33 years old, Saint-Denis – France –

I’m a jeweler and also learning tattoo. I love watching “Les feux de l’amour” and my cats. Sometimes, I play in my friend’s videoclips and writes novels. Sometimes, I’m a body positive activist and I read tarot’s cards 🙂


 How did you hear about Clean Your Cup ?

 I was looking for new partnerships for my jewelry line. I love discovering new project/concept/brand and spread it into my client’s orders. So a friend (the co founder of  Zouzance festival) introduce me to Fanny and her concept. I loved it right away ! As a menstrual cup users for years, i thought there’s an urgent need to talk about it. When I talk with friends, I realize that the cleaning of the cup and the issues you’ve faced when you’re outside of home is very present.

So I offer to put Clean Your Cup’s stickers in my order to Fanny !

What did motivate you to join the team ?

I love sticking everywhere and I travel often. It’s the best way to spread a concept all over the world !

Do you use a cup yourself ? If yes, since when and how did you hear about it?

Yes, for years now. It’s been a while I know about it but it takes me a moment to take that step, due to personal phobias. And i don’t regret to overcome them ! Recently, I had hormonal issues and it was easier to manage as I’m a menstrual cup users, because it’s softer for my body compare to tampons. Guys, if you have a high flow, don’t worry ! The menstrual cup is our best friend 🙂

Do you find a lot of cup safe places ?

Not so much, unfortunately. Except when there’s toilet for disabled person.

Did you talk about the project to friends, family or cupsafe place’s owner ? What was their reactions ?

I’ve talk about the movement to my clients and the stickers are currently sending with orders. I communicate about the projet on my Instagram and Facebook . I get positive or neutral reactions. Anyway, it opens the dialogue about menstrual cup for those who are not convert yet !