Our mission

We have a dual objective: on one hand, we wish to inform current and future users of a menstrual cup that there any many places around the world identified as #cupsafe. On the other hand, we want to generalize the use of the menstrual cup, one of the most environmentally-friendly and economical solution to the periodic blood flow. More information on the menstrual cup ☛ here.

Our approach

Some people will think twice before using a menstrual cup, for fear of having to clean it in restrooms that do not offer a sink in individual toilets. Clean Your Cup aims at referencing places that have a private sink to make cup users’ life easier during their cycle! All these public spaces will be listed on our website.

Clean Your Cup is a participative project !

When our team and our ambassadors identify #cupsafe spaces, they place a sticker inside the toilets (such as on the mirror, the wall, the door…) to make it visible to others. The addresses are collected and saved on our platform. Everyone can take part in the project: to do so, simply send us your postal address and we will send you stickers for free. In exchange, you commit to send us the addresses of the #cupsafe places you have identified.

The goal is to list as many cities as possible on our website!

Clean your cup is an inclusive project !

This is the reason why we use a gender-neutral vocabulary in our content. Let’s remember that transgender people can also be users of a menstrual cup.