Clean Your Cup is a team composed by Fanny and ambassadors living all over France, Europe and the world!

My name is Fanny, I am 30 years old and the one at the initiative of the Clean Your Cup project. I have been using a menstrual cup for 4 years and like many others who have adopted it, I was quickly convinced by the many benefits: not only do I save money, but I no longer contribute to the large quantity of waste produced by my periods (I am a firm believer in environmentally-friendly consumption and I am always broke!). Finally, my vagina is grateful: it’s healthier now!

As part of my work, I have sold menstrual cups for two years. I realized over that time that some people feared taking the plunge, mostly for practical reasons – such as when you spend a night out with friends. Of course, using a menstrual cup involves changing some habits, but it’s far from impossible, quite the opposite! Surf around my website, get inspired and don’t hesitate asking me any question!

Clean Your Cup is possible thanks to the ambassadors who pay attention to the #cupsafe places – party-goers, great travelers or workaholics who spend their time at cafes and public libraries – who sometimes need to rinse their cup elsewhere than home. Clean Your Cup is also wide open to people who are not users but who want to help. Everyone is welcome!

Clean Your Cup is a self-financed project. The printing and mailing of stickers are at my expense for the moment. If you wish to get involved by becoming an ambassador or by making a donation, write to us !